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About Vital

Vital Zinger is a very proud Paralympic competitive Latin Dancer and a passionate change maker, lawyer, social activist and public speaker.

Soon after birth Vital was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer which took years of chemotherapy to defeat and which also injured her spinal cord and paralyzed her lower body Vital literally had to learn how to fight for her life and her health, before learning how to walk or speak.


Aged 5, against all odds and all medical predictions, and after years of persistent hard work, Vital was finally able to walk. This win made her understand that any goal is reachable as long as you believe in it with all your hear, and work hard towards it.


Empowered by her family, Vital decided that from that point on nothing and no one will ever stop her from fulfilling herself and her dreams. She chose positivity as a way of life; she celebrates with joy every new accomplishment and always pushes her boundaries.


Over the years, Vital was always socially engaged and loved being influential, changing not only her own reality but other's as well.

Vital fought long and hard for accessibility and inclusion at her high school and later on in the IDF, where she eventually served with distinction.


Vital ran for the Knesset on the list of a party which fights for the rights of people with disabilities, and got a degree in law and government in order to have the ability to promote and lead social change in those areas as well.


Until this very day, Vital is a social justice Fighter, constantly working to make our world more accessible and much more inclusive, to fight prejudices, break barriers and to raise awareness; and she is also sharing her knowledge and experience by consulting, mentoring,  lecturing and public speaking , and spreading joy and motivation worldwide.


In parallel to her Social activism, vital challenged herself as an active competitive athlete since she was 12 y.o. and after training in swimming, tennis, table tennis, wheelchair races, basketball and badminton, Vital started a career as a Latin Para-Dancer at the the Israeli National team and she is a world renowned medalist in this field for more than a decade now.

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