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Public Speaking

Vital Zinger is a renowned Paralympics Athlete, an unstoppable Social justice fighter, a leading activist for inclusion of people with disabilities and accessibility who constantly raises awareness for various social issues, and a well-known motivational speaker.


Vital is an eternal Dreamer by heart who always loves to search and find innovative and creative ways to improve our life and shape our future. Among many others, Vital is also a presenter, theater actress, singer, creative consultant, social entrepreneur, mentor, and a proud and impactful member in many global leadership entrepreneurship and empowerment communities such as ROI, Link20, and Supersonas.


Armed with endless charisma, openness and honesty, with witty and cynical humor, with a genuine desire to inspire change and influence, and with an outstanding unique ability to touch, connect and sweep the crowd; Vital is sharing her powerful life story at schools, organizations, and major enterprises and inspires and motivates listeners in Israel and abroad, in both Hebrew and English.

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During more than 20 years of successfully coping with many personal struggles and challenges, while learning how to grow from countless uncertain situations, and how to turn my weaknesses into strengths, I found my calling in fighting not only for my rights but also for everyone else's by leading physical accessibility and social awareness revolutions, fighting stigmas, spreading joy and motivation and empowering thousands worldwide.


My life mission is to set an example and empower my listeners, to encourage and guide them how to find their own inner super powers, and to motivate them to overcome their personal fears and the challenges they face in order to fulfill themselves and their dreams.

Over the years I have shared my insights with countless children, youth and adults, in their schools, afterschool activities, army unites, work places, conventions and conferences, in order to demonstrate them how each and every one of us has endless possibilities in life and how every goal can be reached as long as we'll keep our faith and we'll work hard enough and long enough to achieve it.


It is my honor and joy to be able to make a positive change and influence people's lives by sharing my life experience and special insights and so I've developed a varied niche as a motivational speaker and I'm available to speak to your audience on a wide range of topics including:

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  • "Dance your life" – my personal life journey from a-z.

  • "Rock & Roll" - My Paralympic career & Sport as way of life.

  • "Fighting for my rights" - My unique army service at the IDF.

  • "The world is my stage" - Acting in a wheelchair.

  • "Ahead of the Curve"Creative thinking as a necessity.

  • "Stand up for yourself" - Activism & Social leadership.

  • "ExtrAbility" - Accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities.

  • "Think Positive, Feel capable" – Positivity as a way of life.


And on many more topics such as: Self-acceptance, Self-fulfillment, Striving for excellence, the importance of mental strength, Woman empowerment, Raising awareness and breaking stigmas.


Important: Each meet up is especially tailored according to the event's concept and to the invited audience in order to convey my messages in the most meaningful and powerful way.

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