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Already as a tiny smiling girl, I was caught with the stage bug. I always liked to be funny, to excite my friends, to sing, dance and act. I loved to express myself in every possible way, I loved the spotlight, and more than anything – I LOVED how my actions impacted the people around me.

However, in the 80's-90's, there were no dance classes accessible to people my age. The entertainment world wasn't ready to integrate people with disabilities yet. Hey, even nowadays it's a huge deal to see people with disabilities in the media and on the stage, and it's not due to lack of talent, but because our presence there is still rare. The awareness for integration and inclusivity in the entertainment world is growing, but it is still in diapers.


Well... Years after, I fulfilled my dream of dancing BIG-TIME by becoming a competitive dancer and performing and representing my country with honors. I fulfilled my desire to push my own boundaries and discover the vast range of my physical capabilities by being a very successful sportswoman for over 2 decades now.

And this year I have achieved another childhood dream... I was privileged to perform on the stage of a very famous and highly appreciated theater, and received a standing ovation from hundreds of excited spectators, and this time I got cheers from the audience as an actress. ACTRESS! Wow how sweet is the sense of fulfillment. What a pride! What a Bliss!


This moment when you are able to touch people and leave your mark is the moment that all the hard and intense work pays off... This moment is truly worth everything. But yesterday came another exciting moment, at the Grand Closing Gala of our National Theater Festival, when they called me on stage to receive the "Outstanding Actress" award for a female leading role that I played! Woohoo!

I was chosen out of 32 different excellent Theater Shows and over 300 experienced and talented actors! At this moment, the judges saw beyond my 4 -wheels, and more of the actress that is sitting on them, was the sweetest! It was a moment of triumph. A moment of hope that not far is a day when the entertainment world will open its doors to all the talented people, regardless of any disabilities they may or may not have, thanks to our TALENT, and not just as a cute disposable gimmick or as a lever for their ratings.

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