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Vital Zinger - a leading Paralympic medalist in Latin ParaDance Sport. Silver medalist @ European championships, and a Bronze medalist @ World championship.

For over a decade now, I've participated in dozens of International open competitions, and won multiple medals and awards in Continents cup competitions, World cup's, European championships and world championship, proudly representing Israel's National team.


Since childhood I was totally obsessed with finding new creative ways to express myself, and to challenge my body and abilities. Over the years I've been an active sportswoman in a variety of accessible sports (swimming, tennis etc.) but nothing made me happier than ParaDance Sport.

Why ParaDance Sport?

As a teenager I was addicted to music, dance & sport. There weren't any dance studios where I could learn professional dancing on wheels, but I didn’t give up on my passion to dance and I amazed everyone when I rocked the dance floor at clubs with my friends.


Aged 20, after successfully completing my army service, and thanks to my great skills on wheels, I was finally able to Audition and Join the Israeli's ParaDance National team.


Since then, it's been more than 10 wonderful outstanding years now, that I have not only the honor to proudly represent my country in ParaDance and reach great achievements, but to spend countless hours on the dance floor, doing what I love the most, creating dances, exploring my abilities and pushing my boundaries while feeling the rhythm inside of me!

Dancing enables me not only to feel the pure bliss and freedom of movement, to create stories, get into character, and convey my messages to the audience; but also to showcase them a rare sexy fun and entertaining point of view about wheelchairs and disability, and more important- to motivate the audience that they can reach any goal and overcome any obstacle.

Remember:  Like Latin dance on wheels, even what is initially hard to imagine – can be done!

How and What do I dance?

I compete in the Solo category, where I dance by myself, in 5 dance styles: Waltz, Tango, Samba, Rumba and Jive.

I compete in a Combi category, where I dance with my standing partner, in 5 dance styles: Samba,

Cha-Cha, Rumba, PassoDoble & Jive.

I compete in a FreeStyle dance Show category where I can mix different dance styles such as Lindy, Hip-Hop, Salsa etc.

I perform with especially customized Dance routines in Israel and abroad, in conferences and festivals, National events and privet events, for all ages.

How and What do I dance?
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