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DANCe your LIFE 

 Do you always wait for the storm to pass?
I am here to teach you how to dance your life through the rain
  All the way to your success!

Vital Zinger in a red dress

Welcome aboard!

Vital Zinger, AKA “Energizer on wheels”
is a passionate social activist and entrepreneur,
a renowned change maker & public speaker,
and a world medallist in Paralympic Dance,
including winning the bronze medal at the world championship!

Vital is also a lawyer, mentor, personal coach, actress, and model who is passionate about dancing her life all the way to the top of her dreams, while empowering and teaching others to do the same!

Dance Your Life

Dancing is Vital’s expertise not only on the dance floor,
but also, in her everyday life as a mindset,
and as her guiding method for
breaking mind barriers
and reaching extraordinary results and success!
In 2016, Vital founded “
Dance Your Life” – where she shares her knowledge and life experience, and also coaches people worldwide, with and without disabilities, of all ages and in various fields of life, how to fulfill themselves and reach their own desirable life goals, via a practical and proven method that Vital developed over the years for personal and professional growth, excellency and reaching top-notch performance in life.

ויטל זינגר מנטורינג

Public Speaking

Vital dances her own life against all odds and throughout all the storms for almost two decades now and is dedicated to pass it forward by personal mentoring, mental coaching, and especially tailored public speaking on various topics such as: Self-acceptance, Self-fulfilment, Striving for excellence, the importance of mental strength, Women empowerment, Raising awareness and breaking stigmas.

ויטל זינגר בחולצה אדומה

Among Vital’s leading talks for English speakers, are:

  • Dance your life all the way to the top of your dreams!" – Vital’s personal life journey from a-z

  • "Ahead of the Curve" – Vital’s Keynote speech about Creative and flexible mindset as a necessity.

  • "Rock & Roll" – Vital’s Paralympic career & mindset as a mantra for blissful life of a winner.

  • "Fighting with IDF, to fight for IDF" – Vital’s talk about her impactful accessibility revolution and meaningful army service at the IAF, on 4 wheels!

  • Vitamin V” - The crucial toolbox needed, to win the prize of living a vital and passionate life.

  • "The world is my stage" – Vital’s story about Acting on stage in a wheelchair and reaching top performance in real life.

  • "Stand up for yourself" – Vital’s talk about Activism and Proactivity while leading our lives, and environment.

  • "ExtrAbility" – Vital’s Talk about long overdue mindshift from DISability to DIFFERENTability, to EXTRAbility!

Activism & Impact

After surviving cancer as a child, Vital became paralyzed and decided to live life to the fullest, even on wheels.
Soon following her distinguished service at the
IAF, Vital completed a B.A in law and government, ran for the Knesset and became a lawyer while pursuing and developing a long and successful career as a competitive athlete. 

For 20 years now, Vital is a fierce and impactful voice for equality of rights and opportunities for people with disabilities, both in Israel and abroad; and has been shifting mindsets, fighting stigmatic views, and advancing inclusivity and accessibility also as a performer, actress, model, and public speaker.

Vital Zinger with medalls
Vital Zinger in a Paralympic dance

Since 2008, Vital is a leading Paralympic Latin dancer, on behalf of the Israeli national team, the INZ, and the Israeli Paralympic committee, Trained by the amazing coach Yelena Fietlicher.
Throughout her long and successful career, Vital has
won dozens of medals, including bronze at the world champ, silver at the European champ, gold at the World Cup, and various IPC competitions.

Vital dances Latin style with Sean Ziv her dancing partner in crime, and also by herself in a Solo category; Vital dances Latin dance styles as well as Freestyle special choreographs such as The lion king, Aladdin, Zeus, Bollywood and many more.

Paralympic Dance

FOMO is not an option!
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Ready, Set, DANCE!

ויטל זינגר קורצת
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